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Summer Camp 2019 Registration

Guardian Info

Child Info

Does the child have an EpiPen?


Does the child have an EpiPen?
Does the child have an inhaler?

Attention: The child will not be discharged to anyone other than the names on this list with photo IDs. If you plan to have someone else pick the child up from camp, you must give us their full name and relationship before the date of pick up, preferably in person. 

Fun Stuff!

Instrument of choice
Child's T-Shirt Size
Which weeks will your child be attending?


You will be charged a 50% deposit of each week you sign up for. The full amount will be charged on May 2nd. If you wish to pay the full amount now, please check the box below.

Please charge the full amount.

Card Number

Expiration Date

CVV Number

Billing Zip Code

Terms & Conditions

Please provide a packed lunch and snack for your child everyday. 

Pick up is at 5pm every day. Your provided credit/debit card will be charged $20 for every 15 minutes that your child is in our care past 5pm. On Fridays we invite parents to join us for our weekly recital and pizza party which goes on from 4pm-5pm. If you would like your child to enjoy pizza and snacks you must be present for the recital (We cannot feed the kids without a guardian present). 

We will ONLY discharge your child to authorized persons on the list you have provided above. That person must present a photo ID or the child will remain in our care until we hear from you directly. 

Thanks for registering!

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